A rant about hustle culture.

By: Simone

Work. Work. Work. Non. Stop. When does anyone have time to take a breather lately?

Here's the thing about life… As children we are expected to learn words, sentences, languages, numbers, etiquette etc. Then we’re put into the schooling system, where we start developing math skills, writing skills, social skills etc. Then comes middle school. Things get harder. We’re expected to learn all day at school and then come home and spend hours and hours doing homework. But wait, we won't stop there, it gets even worse in highschool. Essays, clubs, friends, homework, higher level studies, college applications, life skills. It just doesn't stop. And then comes university. Learn all day, study all night and work all weekend.

But what’s all of this for? For work? Okay. Fine. Then we get a job that pays our bills. But great! More things to worry about. Work deadlines, building contacts in the industry, working on resumes, paying the bills, worrying about family, friends, relationships etc.

We retire when we’re 60 and then what?

Why is the system built in such a way that we have no option but to be forced into this hustle culture. From our childhood we are encouraged to work hard and never stop working hard. Work hard? Why can’t I work slowly, at my own pace?

Work hard. Earn money. Earn more money. Become rich. Becoming rich is a much admired goal for many people. And I praise them for having such a goal. But in the process of acquiring this goal we’re sometimes forced to choose a career that pays well rather than one that we want, we’re sometimes forced to be so engrossed in the idea of success that it affects our mental health.

But let’s talk about success. Why is success so integrated with hustle culture? Why does success mean being a workaholic, earning lots of money, living in a big house, having a fancy car? Why is success measured by material objects rather than emotional/mental/spiritual well-being?

Success can mean different things to different people. For me, I think I want success to mean having achieved the ultimate goal of happiness and contentment. I also think people should be allowed to discover their own version of success without having these materialistic ideas of success already enforced on them since childhood.

Okay yeah. If your idea of success means constant hustle and hard work, then okay. But if this non-stop work is draining your energy and leaving you with no time for yourself, then is it even worth it? Why is it okay that hustle culture makes us so overworked, exhausted, stressed?

People say all the time that it's normal to be tired, it's normal to be stressed out, it's normal to have a thousand worries, because that's just how life is. But why? I refuse to accept that it is normal to be constantly stressed out. I refuse to accept that I have to spend my whole life worrying about one thing or another.

It may take a while, but I think we need to take a step back and look at this from the bigger perspective. What really matters to you? How can you get there without overworking yourself or stressing yourself out? Think about it, and then start from there.

And on that note, here's an interesting video to watch on hustle culture mentality if you're interested:

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