How to become an environmentalist for free!

Environmentalist: A person who is concerned with and/or advocates for the protection of the environment.

My journey into environmentalism has been slow, riveting and continuously in progress. It may sometimes feel like it is hard to join a movement because you find yourself taking more than a 5 minute shower or drinking a Starbucks coffee without a reusable mug. But that is okay! Change takes time and it is important to realize that everyone begins a journey from the bottom. In my opinion, you will not become a ‘perfect’ environmentalist because you can not - the title simply does not exist. However, you can day by day learn how to become more environmentally friendly, advocate for environmental causes and help others on the journey. This article won’t be focused on giving advice on how to REUSE, REDUCE and RECYCLE only because these tips can be easily found but if you have any new ones to add make sure to comment below!

Today The Middle team would like to share tips, advice, resources etc on how to become environmentally friendly for free!


With deforestation on arise reforestation efforts have been more important than ever. Ecosia is the search engine that plants trees. Every month they invest at least 80% of their surplus in tree planting projects all over the world.

Make Ecosia your default search engine to plant trees while you search the web:

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Download Ecosia on you phone


Food wastage is global problem we all should help eliminate. OLIO is a free app dedicated to reducing food waste around the world by promoting the art of sharing. It connects neighbours with each other and with local shops and cafes, so surplus food (and other household items) can be shared not thrown away. Not only can you be a user of the app but a volunteer/food waste hero etc (more information can be found on their website).

How to use the app?

Users simply snap a photo of their spare and add it to the app. Neighbours who live nearby receive customized alerts and can request anything that takes their fancy. All items are offered for free.

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Water is everywhere. In phones, cars, makeup, clothes the list goes on. Find your water footprint to see how much water you are using, to help adjust your water consumption.

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With carbon being invisible in everyday objects it’s sometimes hard to see how much carbon is used in the food we eat or the transportation we use. The Oroeco app helps users keep track of their impact on the environment through placing a ‘carbon value on everything you buy’.

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Follow environmental pages like @EverythingEnvi2 to get the latest environmental news which can help you make more environmentally friendly decisions, engage in environmental discourse, see what products to buy for loved ones, event ideas, petitions to sign etc.


Study. Learn. Understand. Be informed. This is the best and possibly the easiest way to become an environmentalist. I have enjoyed learning about environmentalism through social media, books, movies etc (stay tuned for those recommendations). However, what I have found the most useful in my environmental journey is learning about the problems that are inspiring my environmentally conscious decisions. Coursera is a great platform to learn about climate change and other environmental problems from world class universities and companies. It provides both free courses and course certificates + university degrees for a price. I found taking the Our Earth's Future course taught by American Museum of Natural History to be really engaging for an online course (found myself preferring it over some of my recorded uni lectures haha). Additionally, since it's self paced it's great for my procrastinating self to catch up on the content at any time. I also find doing these courses with a friend to be both motivating cause it pushes you to complete the course and comforting cause you get to learn with a classmate you actually like!

Here's a list of courses they have on Climate Change alone:

Raise your voice

Your opinion is free but holds a lot of weight. If you choose to educate your friends and family members online or in-person it helps drive the environmental movement forward. Here are some of our favourite activists that are raising their voice for change:

Niomi Smart

Our Changing Climate

Kristen Leo

Levi Hildebrand

The Middle is a platform which encourages a community of readers and writers to share their perspectives and voices. This means we want to hear from YOU. Do you have any ideas on how to be an environmentalist for free? Do you have advice for future environmentalists or would like some? What environmentally friendly content would you like us to write about? Any other questions? Comment down below!

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