Leave It All In The Dust

By: Zamir Salman

i try to hold it together,

but i'm not okay inside.

every siren i hear from now till forever

will be another unsaid goodbye.

when did all our love become words said with spite?

every heart that's hurt becomes another one quiet.

now i walk home alone with all of your hurt.

i feel like my soul can't take another word.

and i go to sleep

just to dream of fantasies.

how do i leave it all in the dust if i'm not even here?

my vacant eyes are more than escapists of fear.

i'm always running while they fight on the front lines,

but where do i turn when there are no signs?

i'm stuck in a past i don't want to repeat.

i know it's not fair to you but this is all i feel.

can't give you more 'cause what's left of me?

you felt lonely,

i know it's hard sometimes

with me, i agree,

i can be far from sight.

i forgive you for sinking your ship in my sea,

but always remember i tried to be

the best i could with my blue burning tree.

when did all of the peace become a reason to fight?

i'm working on myself but i just need some time.

i think i can see the distant daylight,

and i know it could be mine if i just try.

so i'll just try.

the light of happiness is so near,

you just need to know that your pain is real,

and one day you can leave it all in the dust.

and the fables of love that they always told us

would be true.

they would be true.

'Leave It All In The Dust' has always been a very perfect figure of speech for moving on to me. I look at our battles in life as dust thrown at our once innocent bodies. But dust doesn't linger. It doesn't stick to us, only it's remnants do. And we can either brush off those remains and 'leave it all in the dust', or carry them with us into the future. People will always try to tear you down, but they could never rob you of your deserved happiness. I think for me to truly know that serene feeling, I need to let go and learn to forgive. And if that means escaping my reality or living some fairytale version of my life, so be it. If this hell-on-earth has taught me anything, it's that life is too short to hold grudges, or spread hate, or be unhappy. Never let anyone tell you how to see the daylight, and know that everyone deserves happiness. Even you.