Starting university in a pandemic. Chapter 1.

Chapter 1: An unwanted, anti-climatic, non-traditional shit end to a journey

Senior year is the final hurdle, hardship, and hoorah for students all over the world. As students we see movies/books/tv-shows build up the expectations we hope to experience in our final year of high school. I remember hearing nostalgic whispers and seeing Instagram photos of previous seniors experiencing traditions I longed to have. But sadly I join the disappointment 2020 seniors feel all over the world as we miss out on retreats, prank day, prom, final exams (ok I was glad to miss that) and graduation due to the coronavirus outbreak. It’s a weird concept to miss, missing out on memories I have never experienced. And I don’t really have any outstanding copying mechanism to deal with it. All I can do is not watch “to the class of 2020” videos on YouTube. Trust me do not. Save yourself from that emotional rollercoaster themed: sadness ft. nostalgia.

Although we did not have a traditional graduation ceremony, I was fortunate to have my school organize a virtual one! And I was honored to be asked to speak at it too. This speech was a lot harder to write than the previous speeches I have written for other occasions. Should I be funny? Optimistic? Pessimistic? Address the elephant in the room? How many people is too many people to thank? The list of unknown requirements went on and on.

Eventually the 'big' day arrived! I want to say that it felt special but how special can one feel sitting with pj bottoms with a fancy top in a teams meeting haha. However, I did feel a sense of pride and nostalgia as my teachers and the hosts of the event reflected over our time and achievements. Eventually it came to my speech and all the question marks of how the speech should be and how I wanted others to perceive it went flying out the window. Because when something comes from the heart it just feels right no matter what the fearful voices in your head say. You might be thinking how did the speech go? Overall I think it went well except when someone muted me in the middle of my speech. That was humiliating. But hey what's a high school experience without an embarrassing moment?

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