Starting university in a pandemic. Chapter 3.

Chapter 3: Have zero expectations for 2020

Along with my expectation of going to prom, graduation, having a grad trip… I also was expecting to be on campus for university. I have grown up watching student's YouTube videos showing their dorm room or vlogging their first day of university. I personally have been waiting for months on my accommodation offer - I would like to thank my friends for their patience whilst hearing me constantly whine about waiting for an offer. When I finally got it, it seemed that 2020 was finally looking up and it cemented the idea that I was starting university. But unfortunately starting university in a pandemic means that corona actually is a thing. Due to the rise in cases, my university decided to have the first term online this combined with the crazy expenses led to the decision of: staying home. in my room. for many months. fun.

Letting go of my accommodation offer, seeing my visa mockingly sit on my desk, and jealously liking instagram pictures of students at university was probably not the healthiest mindset to begin university in. But it’s just 2020 things isn’t it? I honestly found myself in such a sour mood because that excitement I once had seemed to disappear. Starting university seemed surreal once again but not in a good way.

One night in the middle of me panicking about whether I picked the right degree. I started listing down everything I expected to happen in 2020 and what actually occurred...

An Expectations vs Reality list

(Another thing I do not recommend doing)

Cause oh. my. can I just state how harsh reality was?

So as the title of this chapter states: have zero expectations. Living with expectations makes you feel 10x worse than if you didn’t expect anything at all. I know this sounds like the most obvious advice but hey realisations aren’t supposed to come at the same time for people.

Quick check in: I am starting university tomorrow and I am sooo nervous. Next time I will type on my laptop it won’t be for The Middle it will be for my education.

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